Zhiyi Zhang

PhD Student @ INSA Lyon / Inria Agora


(Update : Jan. 2022)

I was born in Aug. 1996 in China. After my Gaokao (the National College Entrance Examination in China) in 2014, I went to France.

In 2017, I received a DUT degree (Diploma in Technological Studies) in Networking and Telecommunications from IUT Nancy-Brabois, University of Lorraine.

Then, I joined the department of Telecommunications of INSA Lyon. Since Sept. 2018, I joined the research track for my engineering degree, my research topic was the core network optimization for self-deployable mobile networks. I worked with Dr. Razvan Stanica and Prof. Fabrice Valois.

From Mar. to Jun. 2019, I did an exchange for one semester at Yonsei University, South Korea. From Jul. to Sept. 2019, I was a research trainee in Agora Team in Inria with Dr. Razvan Stanica and Prof. Fabrice Valois.

From Feb. 2020 to Aug. 2020, I did an R&D internship at Orange Labs in Grenoble, my subject was multi-layer energy consumption measure and optimisation of LTE-M devices. In Sept. 2020, I received the engineering degree in Telecommunication from INSA Lyon.

From Dec. 2020 to Aug. 2021, I was a research engineer at Inria Agora/INSA Lyon. My research project was short-range wireless voice communications within a group of devices, which was collaborated with SafeHear.

Since Sep. 2021, I started my PhD study at INSA Lyon/Inria Agora. My supervisors are Dr. Razvan Stanica and Prof. Fabrice Valois. My PhD subject is the deployment and management of movable base stations in cellular networks.